Margaret H. Olson

Margaret H. Olson grew up in southeast Idaho and moved to Salt Lake City in 1985 after high school graduation to attend the University of Utah. During her seven years of study there, she received a bachelor of art degree in History (1989) and juris doctorate degree (1992). She became a member of the Utah Bar in 1992 and the Idaho Bar in 1993 and has practiced in state and federal court in both jurisdictions ever since.

Margaret spent a brief period of time (1994-1997) at the Salt Lake County District Attorney's office as a prosecutor on the Special Victim Unit. Since leaving the District Attorney's office, she has worked in private practice in the areas of civil litigation and criminal defense. Margaret has argued before both the Utah and Idaho Supreme Courts and has extensive trial experience.

Margaret recently (2014) appeared on the CBS News program 48 Hours, on which she was interviewed as a result of her involvement in bringing a local Utah doctor to justice for the murder of his ex-wife. Margaret has recently been appointed the County Attorney for Summit County, Utah. Margaret continues her of counsel affiliation with Hobbs & Olson, on limited civil matters which preceded her appointment.

Margaret currently lives in Park City, Utah and enjoys skiing, mountain biking and camping with her family.