Our Clients

One can learn a lot about a law firm and its lawyers by learning about the firm's clients and cases. Our clients are often our best source of referrals, and our cases tell about our experience.

During the course of the firm's history, we've served hundreds of clients of all sizes and types, including hundreds of community associations, small businesses and individuals, scores of Utah-based and out of state corporations, several insurance companies, and several real estate developers. Space and our commitments to our clients' confidentiality preclude the identification of all of our clients, but we'd be happy to refer our prospective clients to some current clients for information on the firm's quality of service.


Space and confidentiality concerns prohibit us from disclosing all of our successful cases and the clients in those cases, but certain reported cases can be summarized and linked, and some of our non-published cases can be summarized without disclosure of the clients' identities and their confidences. Some of our more notable successes include:

Reported Cases

McLaughlin v. Schenck, 2009 UT 64 -- McLaughlin v. Schenk was an appeal, brought on behalf of our client whom had been terminated from employment with Cookietree Bakeries, a closely-held corporation in which he was a member. The Court reversed the lower court decision against our client, and expanded the duties owed among the shareholders and management of closely-held corporations.

Davencourt at Pilgrim's Landing Homeowners Ass'n v. Davencout at Pilgrim's Landing, L.C., 2009 UT 65 -- Hobbs & Olson, appearing as counsel for Amicus Curiae, the Community Associations Institute, argued for Utah's adoption of Restatement, Third, Property, Section 6.20 (Developer's Duties to the Community) and for the adoption of an implied warranty of workmanlike construction. The Court's opinion did both.

Gurney v. Young, 2008 UT App 343 -- In this case, the Utah Court of Appeals summarily affirmed the lower court's decision to excuse our clients from a real estate purchase contract which was breached by their prospective purchaser; the court also affirmed the lower court's award of all of our requested fees, and awarded us fees on appeal.

Stratton v. JB Oxford Holdings, 2008 UT App 298 -- The Court of Appeals upheld the summary judgment, obtained on behalf of our client, and awarded the firm's fees on appeal, based upon the Court's finding that the appeal was without merit and "frivolous."

Hermansen v. Tasulis, 48 P.3d 235, 241 (Utah 2002) -- This case, involving negligence, misrepresentation and nondisclosure by a real estate agent, arose from a defectively constructed home on inadequate soils. In the case, the Utah Supreme Court significantly limited the economic loss doctrine, which had impaired the rights of economically injured individuals.

Unreported Cases

Compass Cove Owners Ass'n v. Compass Cove Development, L.C. -- a construction defect case, settled favorably for our client the Compass Cove Owners Association, involved numerous defects throughout the project.

Grazer v. Jones -- this case commenced as a defense matter; the contractor sought to recover amounts allegedly owed to our client; we sought an offset for what appeared initially to be some relatively minor defects; further discovery revealed that the defects were extensive, and rendered the house uninhabitable. Following a several day trial, the Davis County judge found in favor of our client, awarding a judgment in excess of 1.8 million dollars.

What Our Clients Say

A significant contribution to our success, both individually and as a firm, comes from our opportunity and ability to help our clients in times of need. Almost all of our attorney-client relationships become friendships, and our greatest reward is the satisfaction of our clients. Many of our clients have provided unsolicited praise for our work. Here is a sampling.

"From the beginning of this experience, you have made this difficult situation as pleasant as possible for us. It was amazing to see your talent, skill, wisdom and integrity throughout."

"Thank you for handling my accident with such professionalism. . . Again, you handled my case with expertise, professionalism and with exceptional communication skills."

"I appreciate how you have kept me so well informed to what was happening at all times. You have been very kind and helpful to me and I am very satisfied with your results."

"I feel that I want to express my thanks to you for the professional manner in which you have handled [our] meetings time after time. I am grateful we have you for our attorney!"

"I sincerely want to thank Margaret Olson and her associates for their courtesy, honesty and professionalism. Everyone here today should thank her. She has found a new person inside of me and brought out someone who is accountable, respectful and hopeful. She is a good attorney, a good person and a good friend. Thank you."

"Thanks for the great job you've done with us. . . We appreciate your expertise and guidance on all issues we bring to you."

"We appreciate everything you did for us. We were unsure on everything and your guidance was invaluable. You truly are a great person."

"Thank you so very much for all you accomplished in my case. I really appreciate you and your lawyering. I think I've had this hanging over me for so long that it still seems unreal. It was fun, though, getting to know you a little bit."

"Thanks so much for everything you've done for us. You did a fine job with my case! Now [we] can move on and get back on the right track. I will recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for a real good attorney."

"I once again want to thank you for all the help you have given me during this time. I'm so thankful that you took my case. I don't know what I could ever do to repay you for your services. . . I don't know how many times I can tell you thank you and I appreciate all you have done for me."