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2011 Amendments to Utah Condominium Act and Utah Community Association Act

Several bills were considered and passed during the 2011 session of the Utah State Legislature that will significantly change the way that community associations in Utah -- including condominiums, homeowner associations (HOAs and PUDs) will operate. We're spending a lot of time in analyzing and preparing our clients for those chnages, and we're teaching courses on what the changes mean.

The most publicized change involves what we see as a clarification of the law dealing with condominium insurance and HOA insurance -- it's now absolutely clear that if you have attached units, the association will need to have insurance on them. The law takes effect for all renewed policies, starting on July 1.

But there are many other changes, as well -- all associations will also need to become registered with the Utah State Department of Commerce by July 1, or they'll forfeit their rights to enforce their liens. And members now have more of a say in rulemaking, budgets and reserves.

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e prepared a list of links to the legislation for our blog, www.utahcondolaw.com. Feel free to visit that site, if you wish, but here's a list of links to the legislation:

Here, for the attendees of the seminar who requested access to the bills discussed at today’s seminar, are links to the bills:

Senate Bill 167 — the major bill, referenced as “UCIOA lite,” which significantly amends association governance, collections and insurance.

House Bill 104 — requiring all Utah community associations to register as a prerequisite to lien-based assessment collections.

House Bill 175 — dealing with record keeping and disclosure requirements

Senate Bill 89 — modifies associations’ obligations respecting reserve accounts

Senate Bill 117 — modifies the voting requirements for community associations that want to amend their declarations.

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